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Bracelets - Mixed Crystal with Charm

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Below you will find the Opalite in bracelets. The opalite is often said to be a cut crystal, however, the opalite is not a cut crystal, many articles educate us that man takes particles from the ground and includes with other ingredients to form this delightful piece called the "Opalite." I can see why so many love the opalite, and why it is one of the most sought after in the small necklaces.
Just as many gemstones carry a feeling of energy within them, the opalite is not left out just because it is helped with its beauty by man...the opalite carries a beautiful energy of unconditional love. Not quite as impactful as the rose quartz' unconditional love, however, the oplaite offers a light unconditional energy which is still special in its own way.
It is not easy to capture in photo's so I have taken pictures of the opalite on a dark background and also a light background to help reveal its soft tones and milkish effect.
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Opalite with multicolored crystals Charm 6.5 inch