Robyn is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles," "A Course of Love," and "The Way of Mastery. During her first year of the Workbook of A Course of Miracles, she was inspired to relay her personal journey through the Workbook lessons. She shares this personal journey in her book, "Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles."

During Robyn's first 6 years of living on Oahu she facilitated weekly study groups for "A Course in Miracles," "A Course of Love" and "The Way of Mastery" at Windward Unity. Today she can be found sharing and promoting her two books at the Buddhist Temple on Oahu, and also selling her "Listen to your Heart" Crystal Jewelry. If you are visiting Oahu, come see Robyn at the Byodo-In Temple in Kaneohe on Monday's and Wednesday's!
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Our journey toward waking up is a fascinating, unique, and at times, trying period. Those who enter our lives during this period offer a rare and powerful gift. It takes vulnerability and often humbling moments to walk this path. It takes courage and faith.

I am ever so grateful to Ian for taking a leap of faith into a land unknown, and for "sharing" this journey as a means to recognize Truth. We cannot walk this path alone. We must consciously join with our brother to witness the Truth in our brother...and in ourselves.

Ian shares his thoughts from the prospective of a non-course student in Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles.
Robyn and Ian in front of Mokili'i island, Oahu
Miracles are examples of right thinking, aligning your perceptions with truth as  God created it. 

-  A Course in Miracles

You can be the embodiment of peace when you look beyond all form and perceive the essence of all things as the longing for Love, the longing to remember."

- The Way of Mastery
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