Suggested Links  ~   Ku'ulei is a Channel who communicates directly with the Source of All-Being. Ku'ulei assists her clients to expand communication with their Divine-Self, in a personal meeting over the phone or via skype.   ~   Unity Church, Kaneohe, Oahu. Offering Book Studies, Events and two Services every Sunday. All are welcome.   ~  Gary Renard - Author of Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.  ~  Jerry Jamplosky - Author of Love is letting go of fear.  ~  Jerry and Diane invite you to visit their wonderful site, "Attitudinal Healing International." Log in to become a member and share blogs and insights with other members.  ~  Lisa Natoli - Author of Gorgeous for God.  ~  Nouk Sanchez, Tomas Vieira - Authors of Take me to Truth.  ~  Robert and Mary Stoelting - ACIM Text/Workbook lesson insights, ACIM Text made simple.  ~  Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Larry Bedini, Locate Study groups USA/International, On-line ACIM Discussions.  ~  ACIM archives, memoires of Helen Schuchman and Bill Thetford, The complete story of the scribing and early acknowledgment of ACIM published on DVD called, "The Forgotten Song and the Song Remembered...The Story of ACIM."  ~  Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick - located in Temecula California, ongoing seminars/lectures on ACIM.   ~  Beverly Hutchinson McNeff - Locate Study Groups USA/International,  Miracle Prayer Ministry, The Prison Project.   ~  Pauline Edward, Author of Making Peace with God and Leaving the Desert.  ~  Susan Dugan, Author of Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness.   ~  David Fishman and ACIM Radio Gather.  ~  Joe Wolfe - Writer, Author, Teacher, and Speaker of A Course in Miracles.  ~  Jill McCullough - Spirituality, A Course in Miracles, Poetry, Veganism, and Parenting.   ~  Karen has been photographing from the heart since she was a teenager. Drawn to the spirit of a place, a family, or a child, her eye leads her to photograph the beauty of each moment.   ~  The Way of Mastery PathWay the teachings of Jeshua and Jayem draws people from all around the world, from different paths and faiths; it is a PathWay of inclusion. ~  John Mark Stroud awoke to the perfect presence of Limitless Love. It is with great Joy, he is now moved to share the truth of the ever present Love of God, by extending Christ Consciousness thru One Who Wakes.   ~   Ramona Wong MD retired her practice and created Aloha Kidney to provide expert, unbiased, no cost education as a public health outreach for those in Hawaii who are interested in, at risk for, or have chronic kidney disease.  ~ Crystal Heart Productions  ~  Angelena Bonet is a warrior in the fight to end violence against women. Read about her fascinating story and join the movement with Angelina in producing change for women around the world.  ~  Watch Angelina change the World.

Be you not afraid of the world. For when seen through the eyes of the enlightened soul that accepts its oneness with God, the world of space and time is perfectly benign and has no purpose whatsoever except to serve Christ in the extension of Love.

- The Way of Mastery